A Slow Unfolding of Space: The Photographs of Hélène Binet

Of Particle Systems and Picturesque Ontologies

Michael Ashkin – Were it not for

Known and Strange Things Pass

Gabriele Basilico – The City Inhabits Me

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On Politics, Photography and the Fashioned Body

stop making sense (with Henry Gorse)

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All the Things in Life

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Where the Forest Ends

Fluid Topographies: Water, Power, Myth

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The Universal Foreground: Ordinary Landscapes and Boring Photographs

Animal Eyes and Invisible Hunters

An Unmanageable Object and a Moment Apart

Drone Aesthetics

Prelude to a Future: Globalization and Risk in Contemporary Landscape Photography

Fashion’s Digital Body: Clothing, Embodiment and Interactivity in New Fashion Media

Uneasy bodies: Affect, Embodied Perception, and Contemporary Fashion Photography

Visible Economies, Invisible Topographies

Video Games and the Digital Sublime

Something in the Air: the Landscape Photography of John Myers

Playing for the Camera

Videogames, Emotion, and the Six Senses

Digital Games and the Anamorphic Subject

The Line Between the Wall and the Floor: Affect in Contemporary Fashion Photography.

Corporealis Ergo Sum: Affective Response in Digital Games

Boredom, Repetition, Inertia: The Aesthetics of the Banal in Contemporary Photography